The New Symphony Orchestra (NSO) is a self-managed amateur orchestra in Tokyo. The late composer Akutagawa Yasushi served as musical director and established the founding principle of this orchestra "Music is for anyone and everyone"(above).
Please come our concert and enjoy the performance full of enthusiasm for music!


Next concert; Wagner Tristan und Isolde with IIMORI Taijiro

The next 244th concert will be held on Sunday, January 20, 2019, 2:00pm at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Concert Hall. We will perform Wagner, Tristan und Isolde (Concert Style): Prelude to Act 1 / Complete Act 2 / Act 3, Scene 3 under the direction of IIMORI Taijiro with NIZUKA Naoki: Tristan, IKEDA Kaori: Isolde, SATO Yasuhiro: Marke, King of Cornwall, KANEKO Mika: Brangäne, TOMOKIYO Takashi: Kurwenal, IMAO Shigeru: Melot, MIYANOHARA Ryohhei: A shepherd, KOBAYASHI Yoshiki: A steersman. For further information, CLICK HERE. Please come to the theater and enjoy our concert.

The 243rd concert ends successfully

On Monday, October 8, 2018, our concert was taking place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, where we performed R. Wagner : "Lohengrin", Preludes to Act 1 and 3, and A. Bruckner : Symphony No. 7 in E major (L. Nowak edition)
Mr. Taijiro Iimori was scheduled to appear in the direction, but due to circumstances it became impossible to conduct us. Mr. Kiyotaka Teraoka kindly accepted our sudden offer to direct us, and we achieved great success in the performance.
We look forward to joining us again soon !

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