Chronology of the NSO

1955 Establishment of the Tokyo Ro-On(*) Ensemble (music director: Yasushi Aktagawa)
1956 Establishment of the Tokyo Ro-On New Symphony Orchestra
1957 1st regular concert
1959-1965 Concerts tour for regular meetings of the TWMC around Japan
1966 Independence from the TWMC, renamed the “New Symphony Orchestra”
1966 Beethoven Zyklus (conductor: late Yasushi Aktagawa)
1967 Concert tour in former Soviet Union
1968 First guest conductor (late Hidemaro Konoye)
1968-1975 Annual performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony (except 1969, 1974)
1969 Concert tour in Kyusyu
1971 First concert of Mahler’s symphony (Symphony No.1)
1975 All-Stravinsky program (Firebird, Petrushka and The rite of spring)
1976 Concert series of Japanese orchestral works from 1933 to 1943
1977 Torii Music Award-winning (current the Suntory Music Award)
1979-88 Mahler Zyklus (conductor: late Kazuo Yamada)
1983 100th regular concert (Beethoven’s ninth symphony)
1986 First performance of Shostakovich’s fourth symphony in Japan
1986 Concert for 30th anniversary of the foundation (Aktagawa’s orchestral works)
1987 Performance of Chinese orchestral works
1989 The passing of Yasushi Aktagawa
1990 Memorial concert for Yasushi Aktagawa
1993 Performance of Japanese orchestral works during the Berliner Festwochen
1993 Akira Ihukube's 80th birthday concert
1996 Concert for 40th anniversary of the foundation
1999 Concert tour in Kyusyu
1999 Yasushi Aktagawa 10th death anniversary concert
2002 Akira Ihukube's 88th birthday concert
2002 Concert tour in Nagano
2003 Concert of Bartok’s "Miraculous Mandarin"(revival version)
2004 First performance of Ishii's posthumous works "Apparition and Death" (full version)
2006 Concert series for 50th anniversary of the foundation
2008 200th regular concert (“The rite of spring” of Stravinsky)
2009 Yasushi Aktagawa 20th death anniversary concert
2009 Koichi Kishi 100th birth anniversary concert

*Tokyo Ro-On: Tokyo Workers Music Councils (TWMC)