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Last revised July 03, 2007

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       The New Symphony Orchestra (Shin kokyo gakudan or "Shinkyo" for short) is a self-managed amateur orchestra comprised of people of all ages and from various walks of life: businessmen, working women, teachers, students and housewives.  The late AKUTAGAWA Yasushi, well-known as both composer and conductor, served as musical director of the orchestra for many years.  He established the founding principle of the orchestra, namely that, "Music is for anyone and everyone."  The orchestra currently holds four regular concerts a year at major venues in Tokyo under the baton of world-renowned conductors.  We are confident that you can enjoy a warm-hearted concert performed by musicians who harbor a deep passion for music!

    Winter concert ends successfully.
       Many thanks goes out to those of you who attended our 193rd serial concert , the second in our series of four concerts commemorating the 50th anniversay of the founding of the New Symphony Orchestra.

    Our next concert will take place on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 7 p.m.
         This concert features works by Japanese composers who were influential in the New Symphony Orchestra's past history.  First we will perform "Musica per Orchestra Sinfonica," an old favorite of the orchestra composed in 1950 by the orchestra's founder, Yasushi AKUTAGAWA.  This will be followed by "Japanese Suite for Orchestra," by Akira IFUKUBE, and Toshiro MAYUZUMI's "Nirvana Symphony."  The Ritsuyukai Chorus will join us in the performance of this last piece.  Conductor Hiroyuki IWAKI will lead us in this third concert in our series commemorating the 50th anniversay of the founding of the New Symphony Orchestra.  As always, we look forward to your continued patronage. 

    New Members Welcome!
       In order to maintain a fresh outlook and raise the caliber of the orchestra, we are continually seeking new members.  Please feel free to arrange for a visit to one of our rehearsal to see if you would like to join!  Click here for details. 


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